Minecraft reworded from scratch in Kotlin, hypixel works



Minosoft is an open source minecraft customer, composed from scratch in kotlin (and java). It intends to bring more performance and stability.
(This is not a classical clone of minecraft, it totally re executes it!)
(This software application is not associated with Mojang AB, the initial designer of Minecraft)

Notification: I am * not * accountable for anti cheat prohibited accounts, this job is greatly in advancement!

Function introduction

  • Rendering
  • Get in touch with any variation to any server (1.7 – 1.20.3)
  • Bleeding edge efficiency (e.g. amazing start time)
  • Free (as far as we think about initial minecraft as complimentary) and open source
  • Easy usage of several accounts
  • Numerous connections to servers in 1 procedure
  • Multithreading and asynchronous packing
  • Initial physics
  • Debugging on procedure layer
  • LAN servers
  • Numerous profiles (i.e. settings for servers or minosoft in basic)
  • Modding
  • Independent, I will most likely accept practically all spots
  • Headless mode
  • Method more things

(some technical description about the render system is here). You can discover info about the architecture style here

System requirements

  • CPU: Multiple (4+) cores, high clock speed (2+ GHz)
  • RAM: Minimum 500 MiB, 1 GiB suggested
  • Disk area: 80 MiB + possessions (~ 300 MiB per variation)
  • GPU: OpenGL 3.3+. Every contemporary GPU works and is advised.
  • Java 11+, 16+ advised (Java 8 is not supported).
  • A minecraft server (regional or online)



  • Blocks
  • Entities
  • Block entities (e.g. indications, chests)
  • HUD and GUI (stock, menus, …)
  • Particles
  • Standard block and skylight (customized light engine)
  • Block and product interactions (e.g. location, break, mining)
  • A lot more, just noting significant things here, see the screenshots:

Asus Rendering

A world, with a lots of hud functions exposed

Asus Rendering

The Hypixel skyblock center (do not attempt to make such a screenshot)

Asus Rendering

AFK Pooling, Hit boxes, particles, …

Asus Hypixel Lobby

Lobby of hypixel.net with entities.

Asus Rendering
A gorgeous sundown

Asus Eros

Eros is the primary gui. You can choose your account/favorite server and after that link to it. As soon as whatever is prepared, the rendering will begin.

Variation assistance

I constantly attempt to include assistance for the latest variation of minecraft. Mainly it is quite simple, simply stating it and create all information. After pressing it, it is supported. Some variations are more complex and require a little coding. I constantly attempt it as quickly as possible, however in some cases I simply require time.

Supported variations

Practically all variations (and photos!) in between 1.7 and the current one (1.20.3 since composing this) are supported.
I prepare to preserve Minosoft to a minimum of variation 1.20, so remain tuned, and assistance for older procedures will not be dropped as more recent procedures are included. It is still advised utilizing the current steady variation.
See Version assistance for more information.


Functions, still missing out on some functions to make modding very simple (see e.g. # 12)


Will be enhanced in the future.

Contribution or assisting

Please do it. I am entirely hectic with the advancement. Get practically whatever you desire and begin establishing. (But before please have a look at Contributing.md)

Credits and thanking words

See Credits.

Releases and beta

No hint. Do not await it:-RRB-

I invested lots of countless hours in this task to make it “work”. A great deal of vanillas functions are in fact carried out, however soo much is missing out on. A release generally suggests, that it is steady, has couple of (recognized) bugs and will not alter that much in the future. All those “requirements” are presently not satisfied at all. It is simply method to alpha atm. The present objective constantly was to play bedwars with this customer and it really dealt with hypixel (# 42).

If you wish to get informed when cool brand-new functions get here or other intriguing things takes place were, do not hesitate to sign up for @MinosoftDevNews.

Downloads/ Installation

Linux, Windows, macOS

The most recent x64 and arm64 construct gets published to github actions. See github actions


Thanks to @jugendhacker you can get minosoft straight from the arch user repository (AUR): https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/minosoft-git/


  1. Set up Java 11+ (e.g. sudo apt install openjdk-11-jdk. Windows users download and set up java.
  2. Clone this repository (git clone --depth=1 https://gitlab.bixilon.de/bixilon/minosoft.gitor click download master and extract the archive.
  3. Modification directory site (cd minosoft
  4. Optional: Checkout an existing function branch (Warning: may be unsteady; may not even construct) (git checkout
  5. Construct and run Minosoft with ./gradlew run (or on windows ./gradlew.bat run. Simply click on run.cmdIf any mistakes happen, do not hesitate to call me or open a problem

Code mirrors

  • gitlab.bixilon.de (Main repository)
  • GitLab
  • GitHub

This project/readme is operate in development, things might alter with time.

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