Leading 10 Minecraft Hello Kitty Skins


If you require a little twist of cuteness to your Minecraft world, absolutely nothing blends so well as Hello Kitty. While there are a lot of mods out there that can make the totality of the world as charming as a button, finishing the appearance needs a makeover for your character, unless you choose being Steve.

From Chococat to Kuromi, there are lots of skins out there for Minecraft that either imitate the characters launched by Sanrio or straight-up represent them in total cartoonish type. Whether you’re in for the pink visual or desire something a little lighter on the eyes, SkinDex is a terrific location to get new skins. Listed below, we’ll cover 10 of the very best Hello Kitty skins you can get on Minecraft.

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Asus 10. Chococat

Asus Hi Kitty Chococat Skin
Image by SkinDex

The good idea about Hello Kitty skins is that they’re so cartoonish that they just need a little information to remain precise. This holds true with Chococat; he’s quite basic, therefore is his Minecraft skin on SkinDex. He even has his blue headscarf, and while he might be more rounded to match his genuine look, he’s still quite identifiable.

Asus 9. Chococat Hoodie

Asus Hi Kitty Chococat Hoodie Skin
Image by SkinDex

For something a bit more subtle, think about the Chococat Hoodie. This skin includes more human beauty to it so that you’re not just running around as a Hello Kitty character in a human shape. This one is a little bit comfier, not to discuss more in-depth than the Chococat skin on SkinDex.

Asus 8. Cinnamoroll

Asus Hi Kitty Cinnamoroll Skin
Image by SkinDex

SkinDex has you covered when it pertains to Cinnamoroll with soft visual skins all over. This one covers all the bases, having Cinnamoroll as a hat to the otherwise human, character-stylized skin. The color scheme is on point, with charming information in the shading all throughout the board, from the pink shorts to the adorable white blouse.

Asus 7. Pastel Cinnamoroll

Asus Hi Kitty Pastel Cinnamoroll Skin
Image by SkinDex

If you require Cinnamoroll skin that’s simply a touch easier on the eyes, think about Pastel Cinnamoroll on SkinDex. This lighter variation of a Cinnamoroll is much softer, having more blue accents than anything with a more pastel color combination. The majority of the skin is snowy white, with some information around the hair and ribbons, which have pink and blue combined in. Even the back is detailed, with clothes lines and even a small tail.

Asus 6. Hi Kitty Girl

Asus Hey There Kitty Girl Skin
Image by SkinDex

The Hello Kitty Girl works completely for a basic adorable Hello Kitty skin. As long as you’re alright with your avatar being brunette, this Hello Kitty Girl skin has the common overalls and striped t-shirt combination, with charming mismatched-length socks and even a Hello Kitty hat to match.

Asus 5. Hey There Kitty Boy

Asus Hey There Kitty Boy Skin
Image by SkinDex

While it might not be Dear Daniel, the next finest thing is a Hello Kitty Boy skin. This one might not be as detailed as the Girl with the shading, however often, a cartoonish absence of shading can be appealing. Regardless, this skin fills all packages style-wise, being identifiable as a Hello Kitty skin with the clothing and color options. They even have adorable little feline ears, which is a good touch.

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Asus 4. Soft Hello Kitty

Asus Soft Hello Kitty Skin
Image by SkinDex

Like the pastel Cinnamoroll, there is likewise a softer variation of the Hello Kitty skin. This one handles a more soft tone, primarily being a cream and white color. The only thing that stands out color-wise is the bow, which assists connect the rest together with a charming splash of color. Do not error simpleness in the color combination for simpleness in style since this skin has information from head to hair, to stockings, to toe, both on the front and the back.

Asus 3. Kuromi

Asus Hi Kitty Kuromi Skin
Image by SkinDex

For those who wish to have their skin represent Kuromi, this skin on SkinDex is ideal for the celebration. With a hood over her eyes, the shading and information on this skin is exceptional, with mismatched stockings and other accents on her attire coming through well regardless of the pixelated constraints. You can inform that the hood is different from the rest of her clothing evaluating by the shoulders and how it appears to curtain off them.

Asus Hi Kitty Skin
Image by SkinDex

The list would just be total with a timeless Hello Kitty skin to seal the offer. This variation of Kitty leans more to the pink side of things, her overalls being light pink from the front to the back. Even her blush and bow are a puce color, making the skin look simply as charming and color collaborated as ever. The easy style is no sign that the shading is basic, with information all over, from her arms to the method her attire searches the skin. There’s even a tail in the back!

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Asus 1. Hey There Kitty Pastel

Asus Hey There Kitty Pastel
Image by SkinDex

For a skin with all the cuteness of Hello Kitty however all the gentleness (and colors) of a fairy floss cloud, consider this Pastel Hello Kitty Skin. The light pinks, whites, and subtle browns make this a simple skin on the eyes, with shading all over there is to see. Tiny bows, checkered patterns, and hats make this skin a pleasure to take a look at and a lot more charming to utilize if you desire something charming. Even the eyes can’t stand to be extremely dark, handling a light brown rather of black like the majority of skins.

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