Evaluation: The Galaxy Tab S9 FE is all the tablet you’ll ever require


Asus Galaxy Tab S9 FE

Samsung’s “Fan Edition” gadgets cut the fat of full-fledged Galaxy gadgets and provide a great gadget at an excellent rate. The Galaxy Tab S9 FE fits that mold completely, leading to a tablet that can do whatever well in an exceptional develop, which is all you most likely ever require.

The Android tablet market is controlled by Samsung, and it has actually been for rather a long time. There are some competitive respectable discusses, like Lenovo’s Tab Extreme, however that’ll set you back a fair bit, and provides a work-centric experience that lots of users simply do not require.

For the casual user, Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S9 FE is the ideal alternative. It’s a “Fan Edition” gadget, which suggests it uses the essential Samsung experience with a number of corners cut. With the Tab S9 FE, all that comes down to is a gadget developed particularly for the basic user in mind, and that includes me.

For contrast, I have an iPad Pro and enjoy it. It does whatever I require it to and more. The “more” part is totally squandered on me. I do not require great graphics efficiency for video gaming; I have cloud video gaming. I do not require video modifying expertise due to the fact that I do not modify material on mobile phones, not to mention tablets.

And yes, it’s iPadOS, so it’s shown to run well. Let me inform you, as somebody who does not choose Samsung’s One UI over stock Android, I believe One UI shines brightest on bigger screen gadgets like the Tab S9 FE.

Build & & Design

Samsung’s Galaxy tablets have actually progressed throughout the years to fit a stunning style language. The Tab S9 FE takes the exact same style as the Tab S9– the Galaxy Tab it was based upon– and modifications nearly absolutely nothing.

The whole gadget is framed in an aluminum chassis. The Gray colorway looks sharp and provides the Tab S9 FE an extremely smooth profile. The edges are sharp however not pointy, and the antenna lines that stumble upon the rear edges offer the S9 FE an appealing shape.

Asus Galaxy Tab S9 FE
Asus Galaxy Tab S9 FE

The bottom of the tablet– if you’re holding it in landscape orientation– has a three-pin connection point with 2 milled slots to offer your keyboard with a little friction beyond what magnets will do. The top has a volume rocker and power button with a finger print sensing unit, along with a magnetic location for the consisted of S Pen.

Both sides of the gadget hold speakers, while the right has a USB-C port, and the left includes a SIM tray for connection.

If you were to put the Tab S9 and Tab S9 FE beside each other, there ‘d be a minor size distinction, with the latter being a little thicker– by 0.6 mm. The Tab S9 likewise has a dual-camera setup, while the Tab S9 FE brings a particular lens. I’ve never ever discovered myself utilizing tablet electronic cameras for anything besides scanning files, and even that is scarce.

In overall, there are 2 Tab S9 FE designs, the base and Tab S9 FE+. The S9 FE+ is larger and uses a more robust screen and battery. The size of the tiniest one suits the hands quickly and provides the most workable mobility. In mix with the develop quality of this “budget plan” gadget, the Tab S9 FE is a physically remarkable tablet, even at its lower cost point.


Among the corners that Samsung has actually cut away is the screen. It’s reasonably big, at 10.9 inches as much as 90 Hz, however it’s a TFT LCD panel. That panel type began to vanish a couple of years ago when OLED ended up being much easier and more affordable to gain access to. LCD panels are okay, however they do not get the exact same black-light efficiency.

Now, those are the realities. I believe that after utilizing an IPS or LCD screen for a long time, you ignore its constraints in some methods. The panel on the Tab S9 FE is completely appropriate and finishes the job 100% of the time. Would I choose an AMOLED display screen? Yes, naturally. If it had one, this would be the Galaxy Tab S9 evaluation, and the cost point would be greater.

I did discover that the Tab S9 FE had a little difficulty with adaptive brightness, where it would constantly be a little dimmer than I desired it to be, however that’s simple to work around. In general, the quality and efficiency of the screen are great, and I have actually had no problems with it beyond basic panel quality.

Software application & & Performance

Out of package, the Galaxy Tab S9 FE runs One UI 5 based upon Android 13. One UI 6 ought to make its method to the tablet within the next couple of months, however as it is, One UI 5 provides a wonderful large-screen experience.

Very little is various if you’re familiar with One UI on Samsung’s Galaxy phones. It has the exact same settings page, Quick Settings panel, and notice system. I feel like Samsung’s One UI fits a tablet much better than it does its phone. It feels more natural and simpler to browse, and multitasking is simple to utilize after diminishing apps to half of a screen.

If you do have a Galaxy phone, you can make the most of Samsung’s community with Quick Share in between gadgets. If not, Nearby Share works terrific in between Android gadgets.

Internally, the Galaxy Tab S9 FE is available in a 6 GB/8 GB RAM setup with either 128 GB or 256 GB of storage. An Exynos 1380 processor is coupled with that, which isn’t something you’ll discover in high-end tablets, however it finishes the job.

Asus Galaxy Tab S9 FE

That mix of specifications does not shriek efficiency, however in practice, the Tab S9 FE runs completely great for daily usage. Like any mid-range gadget, it falters occasionally. In general, I’ve been actually pleased with its efficiency. It’s something I would not mind utilizing as my go-to tablet, foregoing 90% of functions I do not discover myself utilizing on other tablets.

One function I take pleasure in having access to is the consisted of S Pen, which runs precisely how you ‘d anticipate. I like utilizing this variation, however I would’ve desired a somewhat more powerful magnet to link it to the sides of the gadget. Where it sits, it’s simple to knock off with no effort.


The Tab S9 FE has an 8,000 mAh battery, while the Tab S9 FE+ brings a 10,090 mAh cell. With that, I might navigate 16 hours or a bit more, depending upon my usage. That, in mix with a quite quickly charging time, I had no concerns where I remained in risk of lacking juice throughout the day.

Remarkably enough, the Fan Edition Tab S9 brings just a somewhat smaller sized battery, which is a huge thing to keep in mind. Samsung’s FE gadgets normally have comparable or perhaps much better batteries than the initial phone or tablet they’re based upon, which is something numerous users would choose.

Last ideas

The Galaxy Tab S9 FE begins at $449 for the 6 GB design, which is what I utilized. That’s the bottom tier of the “budget plan” FE lineup, and I still quite taken pleasure in utilizing the tablet. I ‘d envision if I were utilizing the 8 GB Tab S9 FE, I ‘d have less to state about stammering problems, and because case, I ‘d have practically no unfavorable about the gadget.

Asus Galaxy Tab S9 FE

Even with an LCD show, Samsung has actually handled to cut very little corners and provide a gadget that works well for many users. You likely will not have the ability to modify video or play graphically extreme video games, however with particular workarounds like cloud video gaming and the tablet requirements, the Galaxy Tab S9 FE is most likely enough for you– specifically at $450.

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