Acer Aspire Vero 15 evaluation: The sustainable waste-laptop with a QHD cam goes beyond all expectations


Asus The sustainable Acer laptop computer Aspire Vero 15 satisfied in our test with nearly no compromises (image: author&
The sustainable Acer laptop computer Aspire Vero 15 pleased in our test with nearly no compromises (image: author’s own)

The cost effective eco laptop computer Acer Aspire Vero 15 impresses in practically every method– bar one significant defect. Initially glimpse, the environmentally friendly laptop computer satisfies every desire: long runtimes, high efficiency, peaceful usage, a robust and appealing style, excellent input gadgets, an intense display screen with 100 % sRGB protection in addition to a QHD web cam.

Marvin Gollor (equated by Daisy Dickson), Released

Acer’s existing most sustainable laptop computer, the Aspire Vero 15, satisfied us in our test with practically no compromises — not just thanks to its 1,440 p QHD web cam however likewise with its efficiency, emissions, input gadgets, runtimes, robust case and its 373 cd/m ²-intense FHD screen with 100 % sRGB protection.

The laptop computer’s case is made from 40 % PCR plastic (post-consumer recycled) and throughout production, it apparently produces 30 % less CO ² compared to other plastic cases of the very same size. We liked its special style in Cypress Green with organic-looking color flecks and a nice-feeling structure. The gadget’s large bezels and 16:9 element ratio make the Vero 15 feel a little out-of-date.

50 % of its essential caps are likewise made from PCR products, its touchpad is made from Ocean-Bound plastic and the laptop computer’s product packaging is made from 90 – 100 % recycled paper and polyester. Regardless of the maker’s eco idea and objective of developing a sustainable item, the laptop computer suffers one significant disadvantage: It does not include a RAM slot, which, in our eyes, is an unneeded error. Specifically when you think about that the 15.6-inch workplace laptop computer’s predecessor still had a memory bank.

We more than happy to see its excellent connection alternatives, that include Thunderbolt 4, real HDMI 2.1, 2x USB-A 3.2 along with quick Intel Killer WiFi 6E. Additional specifications include its 16-GB LPDDR5 RAM, Intel Core i7-1355U and 512-GB PCIe 4.0 SSD (which sadly provides PCIe-3.0 speeds and is throttled after a longer amount of time). The quantity of pre-installed bloatware is likewise rather frustrating.

More information, comprehensive analyses and a contrast in between our test sample and the Framework Laptop can be discovered in our total evaluation of the Acer Aspire Vero 15.

Marvin Gollor, 2023-11-17 (Update: 2023-11-16)

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